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§1 General provisions
  1. The Regulations define the rules of using the website
  2. Registration on the website means acceptance of the regulations
  3. The administrator is not responsible for errors caused by the website user.
  4. The textures used were downloaded from and we publish this information in accordance with its rules.
  5. In case of applying textures on another page, the rules of informing about the source should be respected (
  6. The site does not charge for its use. The project is free and available to everyone.
§2 Accounts
  1. There is no account limit on the website, the registration system has been added for the user's convenience.
  2. E-mail addresses and passwords are stored in an encrypted form, we do not process this data in open form, because they are not used to send e-mails. Which ensures 100% safety for the user.
  3. The website does not collect any data about IP addresses.
  4. Creating an account is not its property, the website reserves the right to delete the account of a person who will try to cause damage during use.
  5. Due to the encryption of email addresses, it is not possible to restore the password using this method.